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Oct 23, 2012

Stephanie Heidemann, recipient of the Ringlng Towers Fund grant for the Performing Arts

Early and World music fusion, Soprano

Since 1994, I’ve been working as a world music singer. After living overseas (Australia, Venezuela, Germany) as a child, I think world music resonated with me, as a way of continuing the travel and discovery of rich cultural heritage. Singing music from these places is the best way to appreciate it, by being a part of it.

The Cantiga Project

The Cantiga ProjectStephanie Heidemann brings “The Cantiga Project” (copyright 2004) an intimate Portrait of Spanish Devotional music. Joined by Chris Rosser, River Guergerian, and Julian Douglas – “The Cantiga Project” is a modern expression of an ancient devotion to the divine feminine. This CD has been highlighted on NPR’s “All Song’s Considered” nationally. 2 songs from this album have been compiled with Sounds True, inc’s “Songs of Mary”.

Authentic Voicework

Authentic Voicework-shops explore our place of origin that goes beyond our name, age or culture. When we tap into this place, we find our peace again, and discover how original, creative and beautiful we truly are. The Voice is our own vibrational identity inherent within us. By singing, we are tuning into that unique and true identity and communicating from it. Authentic Voicework rejuvenates us, restores courage, empowers, and makes room for playfulness. In a nutshell, Authentic Voicework helps us to return to our place of origin.

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